Transition Chapters

Sharing Life's Transformative Passages

When I was young, I wrote stories. Stories from romanticized times and settings. Stories of the types of people I wanted to meet, the adventures I would have. Stories of the perfect family, a perfect future, a perfect life as I saw it then. Most of these stories, truth be told, remained unfinished—mere vignettes that I recursively wrote over and again, trying to reach my way to the core of their idealization.

Much of my adult life has revolved around its own stymied visions. I spent decades hovering over various ideals that would never blossom—and several more years now understanding what kept me fixed there in the first place.

It was time to finally return to my own feral plot. The one that waited while I thought my time and energy belonged to other people and outward aspirations. The one that burgeoned wild and creeping through psychic terrain I was afraid to acknowledge, let alone traverse, until now.

Many patches have been less than beautiful—dark and thorny corners where no one would choose to linger, but I’ve had work to do there these last several years. And so I’ve learned to stay with myself, studying the root systems and detangling boughs and vine, caring gently for my own neglected growth.

With the brush largely cleared in the last couple of years, my thoughts turned to writing again—this blog specifically—to share many of the stories, the questions, the insights that characterized my journey through several major and simultaneous transitions as well as my presence to others’ life passages.

I’m a writer, photographer and spiritual director in training. Both my artistic process and spiritual studies are devoted to the witness of transformational passages. I’m passionate about infusing everyday life with creative exploration and helping others apply artistic endeavor to spiritual growth and personal healing. You can check out my photography  blog, “Photography As Spiritual Practice” at


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