Transition Chapters

Sharing Life's Transformative Passages

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As 2018 winds down, I think about the many things I’ve read, watched, considered and come back to. In this age of constant media influx, how much do we take in throughout the year? And, more importantly, how much truly stays with us?

A few weeks ago I thought about what I’d learned this year. Most of my posts are about life lessons—what personal experience reveals to me. But what about the words and wisdom of others that have moved me…changed me…this year? I decided they needed their own space.

New Blog Post This Month: “January Pages”

“Resilience, studies tell us, comes not from resolution but from meaning. We might be buoyed by our triumphs, but we’re not made by them. Strength comes of giving up the need to win the day (or the year). It comes from being able to see and tell the story of a time, to feel its significance, to honor what’s learned, to recognize where life took us deeper, to see how we came away not defeated but transformed.”

Thought-Provoking Videos:

Readings That Bring Me Hope:

Poem That’s Inspiring Me:

“We tend to focus on, and speak about the soul-life of an individual in terms of spiritual comfort and deep nourishment, qualities which are a central, and abiding dynamic of its presence, but the equally unsettling and disturbing quality about this strange, often wild and courageous faculty of belonging inside us we have come to name ‘the soul’ is its ruthless, and almost tidal wish to find its own way to a fuller union with the world. The soul is a planner’s nightmare, the career counselor’s central puzzle, the biographer’s conundrum, the saboteur of the puritanical and the unimaginative; an internal abiding spring that is both a source and a flow: an internal stranger at the door of our outer life about to break everything apart; a pilgrim often suddenly more in love with the horizon than its home; and most disturbingly, someone who would much rather fail spectacularly at their own life than succeed drably at someone else’s.”

— David Whyte, “Subversive Soul” from Winter Thoughts

Favorite Interview:

Food For Thought:

Books I’m Reading: 

What Stops Me In My Tracks:

Quote I’m Contemplating… 

“If we do not discover a prayer practice that “invades” our unconscious and reveals what is hidden, we will actually change very little over our lifetime. … Prayer should not be too rational, social, verbal, linear, or transactional. It must be more mysterious, inner, dialogical, receptive, and pervasive. Silence, symbol, poetry, music, movement, and sacrament are much more helpful than mere words.”

— Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation 12/14/18)

These are a few of my highlights. What were your most memorable quotes and readings this year?

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